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Factoring and Property Development Loans – Two Of The Ways We Can Help You

Development Loans, Factoring Finance
Commercial Funding & Finance

If you operate as an SME in the UK there may be many occasions when you could develop your business if only you had some more money to hand. Most businesses offer credit to their customers – very often 30 days, although it can be longer – and some of those customers do actually pay on time. However, there will be others who, for one reason or another, drag their heels.

This may be because they are happy to use your money in their own businesses for as long as possible, or it may be that they are having issues getting paid by their own customers. This is more and more likely to be the case with the current financial situation we are facing in the UK.

If you are having problems getting paid, one answer could be factoring finance in the UK. This can massively improve your cash flow and problems with working capital. At Exel Finance we are a fully independent broker with access to over 250 UK based commercial lenders and private banks which provide a feasible alternative to the High Street banks for factoring finance in the UK.

As a broker, we are very happy to sit down with you and discuss your individual situation, and then we will be able to provide the solution which is right for your particular business. We also charge no upfront fees, and there is no obligation to accept the particular lender that we recommend. Factoring will enable you to raise an invoice to a customer and then receive up to 85% of the total invoice value paid into your account the same day, or the next at the latest.

Property Development Loans

Factoring loans are just one of the services that we can provide. If you are working on a property development project, you may very well need property development loans in the UK. For example, you may have purchased, or are considering purchasing, a property that can be converted into flats, or perhaps even building one from scratch. Such loans can be made available from as little as £50,000 and can run into millions on a major project.

Property development loans in the UK can usually be up to 70% of the expected GDV (Gross Development Value) of the project. If you are an experienced developer and can provide additional security, some of our lenders will even provide up to 100% of the overall project costs, including site purchase.

For more information, contact us on 0161 327 1837 or message us using the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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