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What Do You Need To Know About Development Finance?

Development Loans

What Is Development Finance?

Development finance is a type of funding that helps facilitate the construction, renovation, and development of various real estate projects. These projects can range from commercial buildings and residential properties to infrastructure projects like roads and bridges. Development finance is a critical tool for developers and investors looking to bring new construction projects to fruition. Still, it can also be complex and challenging to secure.

At Exel finance, we specialise in providing development finance solutions for clients in the UK. We work with a range of lenders and investors to offer our clients the funding they need to bring their development projects to life. Our team of experienced brokers can help you navigate the complexities of the development finance landscape and ensure that you secure the right financing solution for your project.

What Are The Benefits Of Development Finance?

One of the critical benefits of development finance is that it can offer flexible funding solutions for various project types and stages. So whether you’re looking to purchase land, finance construction costs, or refinance an existing project, development finance can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Another advantage of development finance is that it can offer competitive rates and terms compared to other types of financing. This is because lenders and investors are often willing to take on a higher level of risk in exchange for the potential rewards of a successful development project. This means that investors benefit from the potential for higher returns on investment, and you get the satisfaction of seeing a new building or project come to life.

At Exel finance, we work with various lenders and investors to ensure that our clients can access multiple development finance options. Our partner network includes private banks and commercial lenders such as high street banks, loan associations, credit unions, and trust companies. As a result, we can help you find the right funding solution for your project with impartial and independent advice – obligation free. We have lenders offering competitive rates

What Are The Steps Involved In Getting Development Finance?

To secure development finance, it’s essential to have a well-prepared and comprehensive business plan that outlines the details of your project, including timelines, budgets, and expected returns. At Exel finance, our brokers can advise on developing a strong and compelling business plan that will give you the best chance of securing funding. We can also assist you with the application and approval process and provide ongoing support throughout the life of your project.

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